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Alonsa Tornado Part One – Our own near miss.

We had a near miss with a tornado Friday August 3, 2018. We are fine. it was close but we did not suffer any damage at our home.

Tumbleweeds Tumbling

It began while we were sitting outside enjoying the cool breeze in the heavy damp heat we had been experiencing. We could hear a storm forming up to the southwest but there nothing awful was on radar so I wasn’t worried.


I would later learn the storm formed outside of radar range because the Fox Warren is down for renovations and that leaves a blind spot right where this storm was. I could tell we were going to get a bad storm so we moved the truck into the garage. There was a lot of thunder and it had that “hail is coming” look you get to know on living on the prairie. We moved back inside and were soon absorbed in our writing.

It was our dog Misty barking that first caught my attention again. I was writing and she leaped up and barked her full dog alert at…

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