Turtle Rescue

Saving a sea turtle.

Tumbleweeds Tumbling

We do get involved in some crazy things, no doubt about it. There was a mass turtle stranding in our area of the panhandle in Florida where we were staying. The last time this happened was in 2006. All the sea turtle people around Florida were out seeking cold stunned turtles due to the bizarre cold weather from the polar vortex. The turtle get too cold and then end up unable to move floating on the surface. Many drown when they can no longer move enough to even lift their heads up to take a breath. Some end up washed up like debris on the shore where certain death awaits. If the cold doesn’t kill them, predators or dehydration will. Any turtle that cold be found could be brought in and warmed and saved to be released when th cold spell passed.

A call went out for folks who could…

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I have three blogs, embryogenesis explained, tumbleweed tumbling AND fulltimetumbleweed. I am a retired scientist, and my husband and I have written a book which was published by World Scientific Publishing in Nov 2016 called Embryogensis Explained. Full time tumbleweed was my first blog which I worked on during five years of living full time in a travel trailer. I have now retired that blog in favour of Tumbleweeds Tumbling since we bought a stick house in April 2015 and are no longer full-time. I have a blended family of five sons and one daughter, all grown up now. I am (step)grandmother to nine boys and one girl. My husband and I have a dog and two cats. We live in Manitoba, Canada, in a 480 square foot house on a half acre of land in the tiny town of Alonsa on territory ceded, released, surrendered and yielded up in 1871 to Her Majesty the Queen and successors forever.

2 thoughts on “Turtle Rescue

  1. Jeffrey Ram

    Luigia Santella told me that Dick was trying to get in touch with me through my email. I’m putting my gmail address in your email input box and that should solve whatever communication problem may have occurred.

    Considering your blog discussion of sea turtles, you might be interested in the following short story that I recently created for a class that I taught in an Italian middle school. We were actually teaching about “elements of story telling” so that the students could create a story for a video that they have been assigned to make. The story is made up, but some of the characters and places (the Stazione and some turtle scientists who rescue turtles are real):

    This short story has 6 paragraphs and about 15 sentences in it. Identify the following:
    setting, characters (if possible, villain, victim, hero), plot, conflict, theme, and solution.

    “A day at the beach” by Jeffrey L. Ram.
    “I could watch videos on the internet all day” exclaimed Maria to her friend Enrico. “The stories about nature always excite me. Someday I’d like to make my own video but I can’t think of an idea.”

    Enrico was bored with this topic; he loved the outdoors, not looking at a little screen. He answered, “That sounds like too much work. Let’s just go to the beach!” What a character!

    From a distance the beach looked beautiful, but when they arrived, they found it covered with plastic bottles and bags and fragments of plastic of every shape and color, washed ashore by the last storm. Then they saw it: a giant sea turtle whose head was stuck in a plastic ring so that he could hardly open his mouth. The turtle was starving.

    Enrico was heart-broken to see the poor turtle struggle, but Maria took charge. “Let’s go to the Aquarium and see if they can help.”

    An hour later, Fulvio and Sandra, two scientists from the Stazione Zoologica, were loading Enzio, the name they had given the turtle, on a pick-up truck. “We have a turtle hospital and we’ll have Enzio cleaned up, fed the right food, and sent back to sea so soon he’ll think he was just on holiday.”

    That’s when Maria knew what her video would be about: “Enzio’s Recovery.” Its theme would be “plastics are a problem” and the solution would not be curing turtles but keeping plastics out of the sea so turtles wouldn’t eat or get tangled in them in the first place. Enrico was convinced; even he would help.


  2. tumbleweedstumbling Post author

    What a wonderful story. Yesterday I attended a conference about the sea coast and one thing a group was giving away was a stainless steel, useable dishwasher safe straw the can be reused over and over instead of tossed.



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