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Book Update


Schrödinger’s Cat as conceived by Doug Hatfield

 We have had some very good people reviewing our chapters in Embryogenesis Explained as they enter final stages and get shipped to the publisher. The publisher now has 1-8, with 9 very close to going off. 10,11,12 have some comments to go in. We got the following back from our friend and support, physicist Jack A. Tuszynski at University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada, about Chapter 12.

Wholeness and the Implicate Embryo: Embryogenesis as Self-Construction of the Observer

This is the chapter where Dick shows how far science has come (or not come) at unifying embryogenesis and physics.

Hi Dick,

I read the chapter with great interest. No offense but I didn’t realize you are such a great story teller. Wow! This is a masterpiece of popular science literature. I like the combination of anecdotes and hard science facts. I thought you’d be unable to explain the Schoredinger equation for the lay audience but you pulled it off. The only  possible suggestion would be to expand a bit the last part when you discuss your hypothesis to achieve a better balance between introduction and conclusion of the chapter but feel free to ignore it. Congrats on a fantastic piece of work.

Best regards,


We have been aiming for a work that can explain embryogenesis at the level of the lay person who starts the book with nothing more than maybe high school biology. This gives me great hope that we have succeeded. (And we did add a conclusion summary as Jack suggested.) Many thanks to our readers/editors who have caught so many times where we made mistakes like assuming the reader knew this or that or where we missed some concept important to what we are trying to say. The book has been immeasurably improved.
(The orange cat in the featured image is our very own Klinger. Schrödinger notwithstanding, we actually like cats.)